AccumulatorA select few say that there is evidence that the economy is turning around but we’re still not out of the hole. Regardless, your business still has to operate and your machinery still has to run properly in order for you to provide your customers with products that beats the competition. If you are looking to buy a new machine that will add benefit to your products or production line, you may have to spend more than you are comfortable with at the current time. If you aren’t ready to buy a new machine, there are 2 other options that will help your business stay in front of the competition when the economy does turn around. You can save your business thousands of dollars by modifying current converting equipment instead of purchasing new.

Consider these options.

Rebuilding a machine you already have is currently a highly sought after option these days and has several benefits that’ll keep your business moving (not to mention it will be lighter on your checkbook).

  • Rebuilding or modifying a machine will lessen the amount of engineering and development work.
  • You will also have the capability to make the adjustments to problems in the the machine that you’ve seen in the past decrease the flow of your process.
  • You’ll save time educating your staff on a more familiar piece of equipment rather than educating on a new machine.
  • Keep money that you have already invested in the current machine

Modify MachinesFor the past several years especially, there have been companies who have sold their machines for some extra cash flow. Most of them are in excellent condition and the ones that aren’t can be cleaned up and rebuilt to excellent working order. Here are a few reasons why buying a used machine should be a viable option for your business…

  • As opposed to buying a new machine you’ll decrease engineering and development dollars and time.
  • Find a machine that will be great for your process at a very reasonable price
  • Decrease turn around time. Usually used machines are ready to ship or need very little modification.

Overall, consider these options as you look to increase your production in the coming months. You’ll find that your company has a better chance of saving time and investment dollars which will help to increase your overall ROI. Start by finding a company with experience in not only building new or custom converting machines but also has experience in modifying and rebuilding. Let them help guide you through the rebuilding process and make suggestions as to new technologies and converting techniques that can be added to your machine. If don’t have a machine that you would like to be modified or rebuilt, ask if they have used machines on the floor ready to ship. You’ll find that most of them do.