CCSR-Compact-Slitter-RewinderThe COMPACT CANTILEVER Slitter Rewinder, or CCSR, is designed to be a rugged machine built to handle the day-to-day slitting for smaller rolls. This machine can be easily set-up and run by one operator.  The design keeps the web path as short as possible to avoid any contaminants, scratching, or wrinkles that can be introduced to the web when traveling over numerous idler rollers.  The CCSR offers a wide range of options from different slitting methods, different size shafting, roll widths to 24″, and any other options that are needed for specific materials. The CCSR machine has been configured to run various different materials from films, foils, papers, graphic laminates, textiles, foams, rubbers, PSAs, and non-wovens.

Machine Specs