5 Converting Industry Trends to Watch in 2022

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Keeping Up with Converting Industry Changes

Pinnacle Converting Equipment discusses important changes to the industry that will impact production lines in 2022 and beyond. Specifically, we cover:

  • The rise in battery production
  • Increased demand for multi-purpose equipment
  • The popularity of contract converting
  • Repairing equipment vs. replacing it
  • Slowdown in non-woven converting

Staying abreast of industry trends is part of the responsibility of a successful manufacturing team. With 2022 halfway over, now is a great time to assess the state of the industry and what your team can do to better meet the needs of your consumers.

In this guide, our team helps manufacturers understand the most important changes to the converting industry and how it will impact their production line this year and into the future. Read on to learn all about the most in-demand services, machines, and products dominating the converting equipment space!

The 5 Biggest Converting Industry Trends in 2022

#1 – Battery Production

The production of manganese and lithium-ion batteries has taken over, and converting machinery plays a critical role in bringing these products to market. Converting equipment is required for both the exterior and interior components of the battery. For instance, slitters are used to cut coated electrodes into narrower slices to fit the battery’s width.

#2 – Multi-purpose Equipment

As manufacturers seek ways to expand their production lines while maximizing efficiency, multi-purpose machinery has grown in popularity. Custom-engineered converting equipment allows manufacturers to pick and choose the functions that matter most to their production lines so they can streamline processes and increase productivity. One great example of this is the Schlitter — a unique product developed by the team at Pinnacle Converting Equipment that enables:

  • Slitting: Easily convert materials into master rolls
  • Sheeting: Divide master rolls into smaller sheets of material
  • Rewind: Wind processed sheets onto narrower rolls for additional processing

#3 – Contract Converting

Due to capital expense limitations, many facilities are finding it necessary to outsource their converting needs. As a result, contract converting has become a popular solution. Through this service, manufacturing professionals can outsource their converting needs, using their selected partner as an extension of their production line. This is a great way to satisfy demand and ensure top quality without having to invest in all-new equipment.

#4 – Machine Repairs

The same issues that have led to a surge in contract converting are also forcing many manufacturing professionals to make difficult decisions when it comes to their equipment. In particular, facilities are frequently opting to repair existing machinery rather than invest in replacement equipment.

If you haven’t already, be sure to schedule maintenance for your machinery to extend its lifespan and ensure it’s operating at peak efficiency. Sticking to a regular maintenance schedule is the best way to avoid the cost of unexpected repairs and replacements.

#5 – Non-woven Slowdown

During the height of the pandemic, non-woven productions — specifically wet wipes — skyrocketed. With COVID-19 concerns slowly fading from the minds of consumers, non-woven production has seen a sharp decline. As demand dwindles for these types of products, manufacturers will need to seek out alternative production opportunities.

Whether you’re seeking converting machinery for battery production, contract converting services, multi-purpose equipment, or repair services, Pinnacle Converting Equipment is the only team you need. Contact us online to find out how our team can help streamline your production line!

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Pinnacle Converting Equipment of Charlotte, NC has been designing and building slitting machines, sheeting machines, and custom converting equipment since 1995.

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