5 Things You Didn’t Know Were Roll Converted

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Many people don’t realize that the majority of products they consume are available as a result of the roll converting process. From paper products and metal to plastics and film, there’s virtually no end to the number of materials that roll converting equipment can process and transform.

So, what are some of the most popular roll converted products on the market? And how exactly does roll converting entail? Continue reading to discover the answers to these questions and more!

What Is Roll Converting?

Roll converting is a process through which raw materials are modified or combined to create new products. Many materials can be roll converted, including paper, plastic film, foil, cloth, foams, felts, rubbers, liners, and metals. These materials are produced in long, continuous sheets that are rolled up into varying sizes and weights, which typically range from 2” – 203” wide.

During the roll converting process, these master rolls of material are threaded through processing machines, such as a printing press, slitting machine, or perforating machine. Once fed through the converting equipment, the web of the material is transformed into either an intermediate form or the final product itself. For instance, the converting equipment may take a web of paper, cut it into smaller sizes, and fuse together the edges to create a paper bag.

5 Products You Never Knew Were Roll Converted

#1 – Signage

Many brands rely on paper converting equipment in order to create custom signage and branding materials. Custom flexographic printing allows paper converting companies to print business logos, artwork, illustrations, and more — all to tell a brand’s unique story and provide them with an individual identity. These materials work together to strengthen consumer trust and brand recognition.

#2 – Wrappers

Those working in the food industry understand how important it is for customers to make the connection between a great-tasting meal and their restaurant. That’s why many restauranteurs custom-create their sandwich wrappers or basket liners through roll converting equipment. Converting equipment can be used to create iconic wrappers from a variety of materials, including paper, film, foil, and more.

#3 – Flags

Because cloth and fabric materials can be easily roll converted, many flag-makers and manufacturers rely on this process in order to mass produce flags. Everything from American flags waving on the White House lawn to school flags proudly displaying their mascots have likely resulted from the converting process.

#4 – Wipes

Wet wipes (commonly referred to as baby wipes) are created from non-woven fabrics typically using a wet laid process. During manufacturing, the fibers are transformed into liquid slurries with water and other chemicals. This slurry results in a paste which is pressed into flat sheets by rollers and dried to form the master roll of material. The master roll is then processed through a slitter rewinder, which divides the roll into smaller, intermediate sizes for additional processing: consumer roll slitting and perforating.

#5 – Books

The paper converting process is required for the manufacture of nearly all books, magazines, and newspapers. Books are created from a broad range of coated and uncoated paper products of varying weights and sizes. Not only is the paper converting process responsible for creating the pages of the book, but converting equipment can also be used to create the covers as well.

Pinnacle Converting Equipment: Your Roll Converting Partner!

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