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While considering purchasing a converting machine there are hundreds of elements that need evaluating to ensure you are selecting the best converting machine for your specific production needs.

Whether you are in the market for new converting equipment, a custom converting machine, or looking for a quality used machine, we are here to help you understand the necessary requirements. We’ve narrowed our list to 5 elements to evaluate your machine needs. As always, we are available to help guide you in the right direction during your evaluation process and are available to answer any questions you may have.

Ultrasonic SlittingCutting Method – One of the most important things to consider when selecting a converting machine is the cutting method. When you are evaluating a slitter rewinder or a sheeting machine, you need to keep in mind that different cutting methods (i.e. razor, shear, score, ultrasonics, laser, hot-knife, etc.) will create different outcomes in the final product. For example, hot knife slitting will slit your material and melt the edges of the material creating a seal that prevents the material from fraying. Score (or crush cut) essentially presses your material onto a hardened anvil which in turn separates the material from itself. You should definitely test your material first using different slitting methods to determine which method gives you the desired outcome.

Machine Speed – Speed is another key element of a converting machine that you want to keep in mind. Desired speed is something that not only determines the motors of a machine but also can affect the speed of production in your manufacturing operation. Think about at what speed your current process is running, if you’d like to improve that, or if you’d simply like to maintain the production speed you are currently operating at.

wide-web-slitterSize – Not only should you think about the space requirements of your machine inside your facility but you should also think about the size of the rolls you are working with. Large rolls of material could require a machine with custom unwind and rewind shafts, roll handling requirements, and in some cases, a custom web path design. We have machines and experience to handle rolls of material of any size and, if necessary, can build a machine that will cater to the requirements of the material you are working with. The machine shown to the right was a custom designed slitting machine built for larger diameter and width rolls.

Operator Friendliness/Machine Safety – Operator Friendliness and Machine Safety plays a vital role in designing and purchasing a converting machine. These two elements can typically go hand-in-hand. The easier it is to operate a machine the safer it may be. Also, the easier it is to operate a machine can lower employee training time. From a safety standpoint, there are regulations that need to be followed such as proper blade guarding and voltage requirements and as they should, these requirements are set into place to eliminate injury on the manufacturing floor. Needless to say, whether you will be operating the machine or an employee of yours, it is essential to keep the operator in mind during the design process.

Amount of Use – How often will the machine be in operation? If you’re operation is constantly running at full capacity you may need a more rugged and powerful machine. Typically, the amount of time that you are running your machine will affect the cost. If you only need a machine for a small part of your manufacturing processes, there are less expensive options available.

While these are just a few things you should always examine when evaluating a new or used converting machine purchase, they are certainly not the only requirements.  If you have any questions contact Pinnacle Converting Equipment to assist in determining the right converting machine for your business.

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Pinnacle Converting Equipment of Charlotte, NC has been designing and building slitting machines, sheeting machines, and custom converting equipment since 1995.

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