Facility Planning and Automation with Pinnacle Converting Equipment

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Understanding the importance of converting equipment in your entire production process.

Manufacturing facilities have unique end-product designs that need more than industry-standard machinery. Choosing the right converting equipment is crucial to the precision, efficiency, and reliability of the production process.

Pinnacle can help manufacturing professionals determine whether buying equipment or using converting services can be cost-effective and improve efficiency. Our engineers can perform an in-depth review of manufacturing processes end-to-end.

In this article, you’ll learn how to choose the right converting equipment for facility planning and production process automation. We’ll cover the following:

Here’s how Pinnacle engineers can offer insight into maximizing efficiency and streamlining your production process.

Finding the right equipment according to your production process

Manufacturing facilities often have a systematic approach to converting and use outdated (>20+ years) or low-output machinery that was originally built for different production use. Even within the same industry, upstream and downstream processes are specific to your product and manufacturing facility. Obstacles and impediments caused by low-output or imprecise machinery cause hidden downtime, which can trickle down to thousands of dollars lost after production and distribution.

Giving the Pinnacle team visibility into the entire production process enables our clients to have a greater throughput. This greater throughput generally receives a very quick return on investment.

When the right equipment is implemented into production it tends to develop a machine operator’s skills. This can reduce or even remove menial or laborious tasks from their day-to-day operation increasing employee satisfaction.

With over 30 years of converting production process experience, Pinnacle engineers can identify potential areas for improvement in efficiency across manufacturing industries. Pinnacle has worked in ​​healthcare, aerospace and defense, consumer goods, home construction, automotive, and renewable energy industries.

Providing equipment recommendations for your materials and products

Apart from zeroing in on the right converting machinery for your production process—slitter rewinders, sheeting machines, core cutting machines, or others—our machinery models are also designed for specific materials.

Pinnacle builds specialized machinery suited to handling and converting non-woven, adhesives, vinyl, foam, foil, film, and other materials.

Combining equipment elements to form customized machinery for your needs

Certain products and processes require tailor-made machinery. The Pinnacle team excels at designing custom machinery solutions for manufacturing processes with multiple elements that can reduce costs and production time.

Pinnacle converting equipment is made for each production industry according to the final product’s converting and winding type. Our state-of-the-art converting equipment can also be custom-crafted for specific material and production facility requirements.

We’ve created custom machinery for many of our clients. A recent example is The Schlitter. We custom fabricated The Schlitter as an all-in-one slitting, sheeting, and rewind machine. These processes previously required three separate pieces of machinery that took up facility space and generated higher operating costs. Pinnacle’s custom machinery delivers a wide variety of core-cutting, rewind/unwind, slitter, and sheeting production capabilities at a fraction of the cost.

Our custom solution has versatile production capabilities, making the client’s process far more streamlined and productive. If your production line requires custom machinery, we offer high versatility and flexibility in executing a unique machinery solution.

Upgrade Your Facility

Pinnacle’s converting machinery engineers understand your production lines and converting needs. We also offer converting equipment repair, replacements, and custom machinery. If you’d like to improve efficiency in your upstream and downstream processes, get in touch with our team, and we’ll help you craft the ideal facility automation plan for you.

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Pinnacle Converting Equipment of Charlotte, NC has been designing and building slitting machines, sheeting machines, and custom converting equipment since 1995.

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