How U.S. Flags Are Made

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The Step-by-Step Process for Manufacturing U.S. Flags

Pinnacle Converting Equipment uncovers the process behind manufacturing U.S. flags in this blog, including:

Grilled food, fireworks, and American flags — the Fourth of July is a time to celebrate everything that makes the U.S. so great. As Americans get ready to proudly wave their country’s flag, many might be wondering exactly how these star-spangled banners get made in the modern era.

With more than 330 million Americans living in the U.S., not even Betsy Ross herself could fill that kind of demand relying on hand-sewn methods. Instead, flag manufacturers use converting equipment to mass-produce the iconic red, white, and blue we’ve come to recognize as a beacon of freedom to all.

How to Make an American Flag in 3 Steps

Modern-day converting equipment has made manufacturing American flags as easy as 1, 2, 3. Here’s how it’s done:

Step 1: The American Flag Master Roll

With most converting processes, the first step begins with a master roll. Master rolls are long, continuous sheets that are rolled up into various sizes and weights. Depending on the type of product being manufactured, these master rolls are then fed through a specific type of processing machine. During U.S. flag manufacturing, each American flag starts out as a master roll of fabric up to 72” wide.

Step 2: Running Flags Through Slitter Rewinders

In order to create individual flags, the master roll is then fed through a slitter rewinder where it will be converted into a smaller flag for purchase. The original roll of flags is processed through the slitter rewinder, which then unrolls the material and slices it to the correct width. Finally, the machine re-rolls the sliced material onto smaller rolls for further processing.

Step 3: Slicing Flags & Adding Poles

Once the master roll has been processed into smaller rolls, these materials are then brough to a separate facility to be sliced further into individual flags. Depending on the size and purpose of the final product, the flags will either be hole-punched and threaded with rope to hang on a flagpole, or will be added to sticks to use as lawn decorations.

What Other Things Can Slitter Rewinders Make?

As you can see, slitter rewinders play an integral role in the processing and manufacturing of U.S. flags. But that’s not all that these machines are capable of producing — there are many other types of products that can’t be made without the help of a slitter rewinder machine. If you found this blog interesting, you’ll love our other articles about the different types of products that slitter rewinders make, including:

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