Tips for Choosing a Converting Machine Builder

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In this economy, it is important to make absolutely sure that your money is spent effectively. Especially when you are evaluating a significant investment for your business. Here are a few things that will help guide you in choosing the right converting machine builder.

Customer Service – Sales or service representative availability is key during the purchasing process as well as after the machine is set up in your facility. During the purchasing process, you will need someone to answer questions that will come up along the building process, especially if you are new to converting. After the machine is shipped and set-up in your facility, you may have questions on operation procedures or maintenance schedules for your converting machine. Make sure that adequate contact to customer service representatives is available in order to reduce down time.

Delivery Time – Purchasing a converting machine can be a large investment for most companies and having the machine up and running at the scheduled time will only increase the ROI on your investment sooner. Unlike massed produced machinery, custom built converting machines take longer to design and build (sometimes up to a few months depending on size and other specifications), but will eliminate options that you will never need or use. Stay in contact and make sure that your converting machine builder or supplier stays on schedule along the way to help get your machine up and running at or before the scheduled time.

Experience – Designing and building a machine to be used in the daily operations of a business is not an easy task and your money is valuable. Make sure that you are working on the project with a builder who has experience in building the type of converting machine you need. They should already have established connections with parts suppliers and vendors as well as an established staff to readily answer any of your questions or concerns along the way.

Material Knowledge – Knowing material is important but knowing and understanding how it behaves and reacts to a converting process is essential when building a machine to convert your material. Different methods of converting materials (hot-knife slitting, razor slitting, score blade slitting, ultrasonic slitting, and shear slitting) produce different results in your material. So knowing which method works best for your specific material eliminates the possibility of purchasing a machine that will produce negative results further lowering the quality of your end product. Make sure when you are receiving quotes for a converting machine that the company you are evaluating asks for sample material so that they correctly diagnose which method will produce the best results for you.

These are just a few things to keep in mind when you are considering purchasing a slitting machine, sheeting machine, or other types of converting equipment for your business. Overall, if your business is seriously considering a converting machine builder, make sure that the company you are evaluating has the experience to do the job right and is willing to help guide you through the design and fabrication process.

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Pinnacle Converting Equipment of Charlotte, NC has been designing and building slitting machines, sheeting machines, and custom converting equipment since 1995.

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