Razor Slitting Machinery

Razor Slitting Machinery

Without the proper converting equipment, manufacturers aren’t able to create the right products for their customers. For professionals converting plastics, films, tapes, vinyls, and ribbons, razor slitting machinery offers one of the easiest and cost-effective solutions to virtually any production line. At Pinnacle Converting Equipment, our team has helped custom-design razor slitting machinery for a broad variety of manufacturing professionals. Allow our team to help design the razor slitting solution that’s best for you!

What is Razor Slitting?

Razor slitting is a process through which master rolls of material can be cut into narrower slit widths. One of the greatest benefits to razor slitting machinery is that it does not produce as much dust or particulate as other slitting methods. At Pinnacle Converting Equipment, we ensure each razor slitting solution is outfitted with the exact blade needed to cut through specific materials. Depending on the production volume, we may recommend stainless steel, carbon fiber, or even tungsten carbide blades.

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Materials Best for Razor Slitting Equipment

Our razor slitting machines can be custom-engineered to cut through a broad variety of materials, including:

  • Cellophane
  • Non-wovens
  • Films
  • Copper Foils
  • Magnetic Tapes
  • Nylon LLDPE
  • Polyester
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Label Stock
  • PVC
  • OPP

Razor Slitting Machines from Pinnacle

24 in Turret Slitter Rewinder

24” Simplex Turret Slitter Rewinder

The machine shown an adaptation of our standard CCSR Model Slitter Rewinder. This model provides means to unwind off one (1) 24” wide, 16” diameter master roll of material, score or razor slit to width inline, and rewind material onto one of two (2) 2” rewind shafts to a 4”maximum diameter. The turret feature gives...

36″ Coated Aramid Slitter Rewinder

The line above is a 36″ wide custom slitting machine used to slit tough materials such as coated aramids. This machine is designed to accept material on roll of up to 300 lbs., unwind and slit through a series of blades. The material is wound onto cores placed onto (2) rewind shafts. An operator keypad...

72 in. Cleanroom Razor Slitting Machine

72″ Slitter Rewinder

This machine is a modification of our standard CSRE Model Slitter Duplex Rewinder with the specifications to operate inside a cleanroom environment.  This razor slitter rewinder provides means to unwind from a 72” web width, 20” diameter master material roll, razor slit the material in line, and rewind the material onto two rewind air shafts...

Duplex Razor Slitter Rewinder

74″ Razor Slitter Rewinder

This slitter rewinder is ideal for manufacturers working with films and foils. With a footprint of 6x10', the machine shown is capable of slitting a roll weighing up to 700 lbs. up to 600 fpm. Other details and specs are below. Machine Information and SpecsApplicationsFeaturesOptional FeaturesInquireApplications Material: Films 20" Diameter Unwind Roll - Larger capacity available...

50″ Slitter Rewinder

Machine Information and SpecsApplicationsFeaturesInquireApplications Width: 50″ Web Slitting Method: Razor Slitting Speed: 100 fpm Rewind Diameter: 12″ Unwind Diameter: 18″ Power: 110v Features Automatic Tension Control Automatic Edge Guide Automatic Length Counter Individual Razor Blade Holders Easy to Operate Controls Emergency Stops Casters for Mobility Nexen Pneumatic Brakes Built in the U.S. Inquire Contact us for info or pricing on this...

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