Shear Slitting Machinery

Shear Slitting Machinery

Manufacturing professionals trust Pinnacle Converting Equipment to custom-design the shear slitting machinery their production lines need to maximize efficiency and productivity. Request a quote for custom shear slitting machinery from our team today!

What is Shear Slitting?

Shear slitting uses top and bottom blades to replicate the function of circular scissors. The main purpose of a shear slitter is to cut material at the desired cut point while leaving behind a clean edge. There are two main designs used in developing shear cutting machinery, including:

  • Shaft-to-shaft: In this shear slitting equipment, both the bottom and top axis are mounted onto a fixed shaft using a collar assembly. This is sometimes called a stacked shear assembly or a quill system.
  • Pneumatic Holders: The other type of shear slitting machinery uses pneumatic holders on the top axis which are mounted using a dovetail-bar or linear rail adapter.

Allow our team to help determine the best setup for your shear slitting equipment based on your specific manufacturing process. Contact us at 704-350-2593 today!

Cleanroom Duplex Shear Slitting Machine - 2

Materials Used in Shear Slitting

A shear slitting machine offers an ideal solution for manufacturing professionals who need to cut through:

  • Heavy films
  • Paper
  • Foils
  • Composites
  • Layered materials
  • Plastic
  • Non-wovens

Consult with our shear slitting equipment engineers to find out how we can custom-create the right machine for your manufacturing process. Connect with us online today!

Shear Slitting Machines From Pinnacle

55in VSPR Non-Woven Wipes Perforator Slitter Rewinder

Wet/Dry Wipes Slitting and Perforating Machine

Video The Versa-SPR (VSPR) is designed and built specifically for slitting and perforating non-wovens used in canister-filled wet (or dry) wipe applications. This machine is capable of unwinding, perforating, slitting, and rewinding (to specific count) a 50" wide roll of non-woven material at a speed of 400fpm. With a turret system consisting of 3 spindles,...

220in Non-Woven Surface Slitter Rewinder

240″ (6m) Non-Woven Surface Slitter Rewinder

The Surface Rewinder shown is built specifically for slitting large rolls of non-wovens of up to 240" (6 meters) in width. Using a heavy duty unwind system, this slitter rewinder is capable of slitting and rewinding rolls weighing up to 3,500 lbs. with a 60" max dia. at 300 fpm. When the slitting process is...

74 in Simplex Turret Slitter Rewinder

74″ Turret Slitter Rewinder

This machine is one of the latest Pinnacle models built for materials such as medical foams and non-wovens. It is a 74" Simplex Turret Slitter Rewinder that is designed and built for non-stop/high output production of consumer products such as wet and dry wipes. This machine has the capability to unwind from a 74” web...

Duplex Shear Slitting Machine

30″ Duplex Slitter Rewinder

This machine is a modification of our own VSR (Versa) design and was built to slit coated foils to small widths using the stacked shear slitting method. With speeds of up to 400 fpm, this machine is capable of slitting unwind rolls of up to 30" diameter into multiple rolls at 1" wide onto a...

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