30″ Duplex Slitter Rewinder

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This machine is a modification of our own VSR (Versa) design and was built to slit coated foils to small widths using the stacked shear slitting method. With speeds of up to 400 fpm, this machine is capable of slitting unwind rolls of up to 30″ diameter into multiple rolls at 1″ wide onto a 1.0″ core. With an automatic tension system, slit rolls can be wound to length without risk of the material wrinkling or folding as it is being rewound. This machine can be programmed to stop at a designated length or diameter which makes it easy to duplicate consistent output. Along side of the automatic tension system, this machine also includes an edge guide that helps straighten the material as it is unwound and travels through the blades and onto the cores.

Machine Information and Specs

  • Built to slit: Coated Foils
  • Slits 30″ (300lb.) wide rolls”
  • Slits with stacked shear blades
  • 40″ Unwind Roll Diameter
  • 16″ Rewind Roll Diameter
  • “Drop-In” unwind shafts
  • 1″ duplex rewind air shafts
  • Welded integral steel frame construction
  • Touch screen operator controls
  • Multiple Button E-stops
  • 400 FPM
  • Automatic tension controls
  • Automatic edge guiding system (+/-3″)
  • Splicing station

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