65″ Duplex Slitter Rewinder

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The machine shown above is a Duplex Slitter Rewinder with capabilities to slit using both razor and score slitting techniques. This machine was built to spec with the operator in mind utilizing the customer’s needs and requirements. The backlit inspection surface is an addition that assists in detecting flaws or imperfections in the material. The easy to use controls, doffing tree, and safety features keep the operator safe and allows for swift and easy operation.

Machine Information and Specs

  • Built to slit: Teflon (can slit multiple materials)
  • Slits 65″ (500lb.) wide rolls”
  • Slits with razor or score blades
  • 20″ Unwind Roll Diameter
  • 20″ Rewind Roll Diameter
  • 64″ lit inspection station
  • Doffing tree
  • Welded integral steel frame construction
  • Convenient touch screen operator controls
  • E-stops and cable E-stops
  • Lay-on Rollers
  • Automatic tension controls
  • Automatic edge guiding system (+/-3″)

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