74″ Surface Slitter Rewinder

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The machine shown is a variation of our standard Surface Slitter Rewinder with additional features built to the customer’s spec. With a dual unwind design, this piece of equipment was built to handle rolls of non-woven material up to 74″ in width with a diameter of up to 60″ and a total weight of 800 lbs. The material is unwound, slit using a round blade hot knife slitting technology, then rewound onto the bed rollers at a speed of up to 250 fpm. Finished rolls are rewound onto the shaftless rewind segment of the machine achieving a max diameter of 60″ and a weight of 800 lbs.

Machine Information and Specs

Material: Non-Wovens

Speed: 250fpm


  • Width: 74″ (max)
  • Diameter: 42″ (max)
  • Weight: 800 lbs.


  • Width: 74″ (max)
  • Diameter: 42″ (max)
  • Weight: 800 lbs.


  • multiple e-stops and safety features around entire machine
  • dual unwind stands
  • shaftless unwind and rewind
  • splicing station
  • overhead webpath for operator access
  • elevating roll unloading platform

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