The simple, safe, and low maintenance design of the EZ Sheeting Machine allows you to stay productive in your sheeting process. The sturdy welded construction leaves a small footprint which maximizes the space you have in your production facility.

Pinnacle’s EZ Sheeter has many available options including…

  • stacking
  • exit conveyor
  • casters for mobility
  • tension controls
  • edge guiding
  • and in-line operation

The EZ Sheeter is offered in score, powered blade or shear cross cut as well as razor, score, powered-blade or shear slitting.  This machine produces up to 24 cuts per minute with +/- 1/32″ accuracy over a 36″ feed. The EZ Sheeter can be converted to a perforator with the addition of our rewind option and use of a skip cut score blade. In August 2009, the EZ Sheeter was featured in Upholstery Journal’s New Product Showcase.

Machine Specs