Foam is one of the most used materials in the packaging industry. From food packaging to packaging electronics and other fragile items, foam provides an excellent buffer for the shocks and jolts that an item may receive during transport and delivery. On a daily basis, large rolls of foam are produced all over the U.S. and sent to manufacturers and packaging companies to help aid in the safe delivery of their goods. For businesses whose products are small and fragile, the large rolls are too big and need to be converted into smaller rolls for better handling and a better fit for their items. This is where an experienced foam converter would come in.

Pinnacle Converting Equipment of Charlotte, NC has over 100 years of combined converting experience. We’ve converted materials used in everything from Ni-Cd batteries to woven materials and has extensive experience in slitting foam products. Offering foam converting services, as well as, a foam slitting machine, Pinnacle can and will turn your large rolls of foam to sizes that you can use in your products or product packaging. Visit our website to learn more on Pinnacle Converting and what it takes to convert your foam material to the size that you need it.