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Q. How much will my machine cost?
A. In order to answer that question, we would need to evaluate your material and requirements to determine the best solution for your converting needs.

Q. Can my machine be used with other materials and/or applications?
A. Yes. If this is a need for your business, we can design and build a machine that has the capabilities to convert different materials via several methods.

Q. Which slitting method is best for my material?
A. In order to answer this question we ask that you send us a sample of your material. We’ll test it and give you feedback on which method would be best for your material and application. Contact us to connect with one of our sales reps and to schedule a material test.

Q. How fast can a Pinnacle machine go?
A. The speeds of every machine depends on the characteristics of your material and the slitting method used. Some materials react much differently to certain speeds and slitting methods.

Q. Do you carry used machines?
A. Typically we do not carry many used machines however, we do have several used machines in stock. Call today or visit our in-stock machinery page to inquire about machines we currently have available.

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