For 15 years, we have provided machinery used in hundreds of industries ranging from solar power to fabrics and upholstery and even in the medical industry. From Charlotte, NC, we have sent machines to various countries around the world and helped businesses grow world-wide. However, when we began the company we never imagined that we would ever be blogging! This is definitely a sign of the changing times! We believe that this blog will give us a chance to discuss topics in the converting industry including innovations, challenges, company news, and industry news.

Over the past 15 years, our machinery has become more and more user friendly, economical, and state-of-the-art. Follow us as we continue to provide quality machinery in an industry that continues to strengthen day by day.

It has been a pleasure thus far to serve our customers in a friendly, effective, and efficient manner! You can find a great overview of who we are and exactly what we do at Feel free to contact us to find out more information!