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VSR III: Duplex Stacked Shear Slitter Rewinder

Duplex Shear Slitting Machine

This machine is a modification of our own VSR (Versa) design and was built to slit coated foils to small widths using the stacked shear slitting method. With speeds of up to 400 fpm, this machine is capable of slitting unwind rolls of up to 30″ diameter into multiple rolls at 1″ wide onto a 1.0″ core. With an automatic 

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Versa 18: Duplex Differential Slitter Rewinder

Versa 18 Duplex Differential Slitter Rewinder

The slitter rewinder shown above is a smaller version of our own in-house slitting machine. This machine has the capability to cut various materials using razor, score, or shear blade slitting methods. It can also be fitted for hot-knife slitting.   

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