Contract/Toll Converting Capabilities


Contract/Toll Slitting and Sheeting Services

We utilize several Pinnacle designed and built machines to provide contract converting, pilot production, and process development services. We specialize in challenging projects involving Custom Slitting and Rewinding, Short Run Sheeting, Roll Rewinding, Roll Doctoring, Roll Splicing, and Salvage Rework/Rerolling. Our primary goal and reputation is offering excellent customer service and reliably, as well as, responding with short lead-times! Our capabilities include razor, score, shear, and hot knife slitting. Materials can include: fiberglass, paper, non-wovens, laminates, nylons & synthetics, tapes and adhesives, etc. We also have the capabilities to slit printed materials as well.

NOTE: To better service our customers, as of May 2017, the Contract Converting Department within Pinnacle Converting Equipment and Services, LLC is in the process of becoming ISO 9001:2015 certified. In addition to becoming ISO 9001 Certified, Pinnacle is also developing machinery to be used within a new Cleanroom Slitting Department within its current Contract Converting capabilities.

Slitting Methods

We have capabilities to slit using the most common slitting methods available. Click for details on the most common slitting methods.

  • Razor Slitting
  • Score (or Crush) Slitting
  • Shear Slitting
  • Hot Knife Slitting – seals edges to prevent fraying
  • Pinking

Slitting and Rewinding Capabilities: Most Materials

  • Roll Width: 74″
  • Unwind Diameter: 48″
  • Rewind Outside Diameter: 40″ Simplex/32″ Duplex
  • Core Rewind: 1.5″, 3″, 6″
  • Core Unwind: 1.5″, 2″, 3″, 6″, 12″
  • Roll Weight: 2000 lbs.
  • 1000 fpm capable
  • Line and Edge Guiding


Foam Slitting:

Our Converting Department has 15 years experience in slitting foam materials. One of our in-house machines is designed to take on large rolls of foam and converts them into thinner rolls of foam. Our current capabilities on our foam slitting machine are below.

  • Roll Width: 74″
  • Roll Diameter: 60″
  • Slit Widths: 1/2″ (Razor Slitting) min.

Foam Slitting Machine

Short Run Sheeting:

We have the capability to convert large rolls of materials into sheets. Utilizing our very own Pinnacle EZ Sheeting Machine, we can cut sheets varying in length from approx. 1″ to as long as needed.

  • Roll Width: 74″
  • Sheet Length: Infinite
  • Cuts per minute: varies with material

packaging carboard close-up

Special Packaging and Labeling:

  • Custom boxing and casing
  • Roll separation
  • Roll and case labeling
  • Bagging
  • Barcoding and Detail Labeling

Custom Packaging