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Manufacturing slots still available for 2021 delivery dates. Estimate slitter rewinder delivery dates (~24 week leadtime)  based on order submission date below. 

April: 2021
May: 2021
June: 2021
July: 2021
August: 2021
Estimated Delivery (~24 Weeks): September 2021
Estimated Delivery (~24 Weeks): October 2021
Estimated Delivery (~24 Weeks): November 2021
Estimated Delivery (~24 Weeks): December 2021
Estimated Delivery (~24 Weeks): January 2022

Delivery Availability Slots

Below are current slitter rewinder estimated delivery timeslots for 2021. Click on any OPEN slots to contact us for more information. Current delivery dates are estimates. Machines with additional features and functionality are subject to extended estimates.
Q1 - 2021Q2 - 2021Q3 - 2021Q4 - 2021
January - FULLApril - FULLJuly - FULLOctober - OPEN
February - FULLMay - FULLAugust - 50% OPENNovember - OPEN
March - FULLJune - FULLSept - OPENDecember - OPEN

From start to finish, Pinnacle Converting Equipment offers entire wipe production lines or equipment capable of handling any stage in your wipes production line.

Step1: Slitting Rolls of Non Woven Material for Wipes

Non-Woven Master Roll: Slitting

Master Roll Sitting

Stay in control of your production schedules by being in charge of your own master roll slitting. Our surface winding machines can handle some of the largest roll sizes in the non-woven industry. This machine eliminates the need to utilize 3rd party converters; saving you money and time.

Step 2: Slitting Coreless Perforated Rolls and Sealing for Canister Wipes

Finished Roll: Slitting/Perf/Seal

Consumer Roll Slit/Perf

With our multi-spindle turreted slitting machines, you can slit, perforate, rewind (with or without cores), and finished roll tabbing for the packaging stage in the line. The turreted slitter rewinder allows for a maximum runtime and increases your throughput.

Step 3: Loading Wipes into Canisters and Wetting

Packaging: Canister Loading and Fluid Filling

Bucket/Canister Loading

Pack or ``stuff`` the finished consumer rolls into buckets or canisters using state-of-of-the-art packing machinery guaranteed to keep up with throughput and minimizes packaging bottlenecks.

Step 1: Master Roll Slitting

240″ (6m) Non-Woven Surface Slitter Rewinder

The 220″ Non-Woven Surface Slitter Rewinder shown is built specifically for slitting large rolls of non-wovens of up to 240″ (6 meters) in width. Using a heavy duty unwind system, this slitter rewinder is capable of slitting and rewinding rolls weighing up to 3,500 lbs. with a 60″ max dia. at 300 fpm. When the slitting process is complete, a pneumatic cross cutter traverses to cut the material in order to begin a new roll, then discharges the roll onto a platform preparing the roll for the next phase of manufacturing.

Step 2: Consumer Roll Slitting and Perforating

50″ Wipes Slitting and Perforating Machine

The VSPR is a 50″ Coreless Wipes Slitting and Perforating Rewinder and was designed to slit master rolls of  nonwoven material to various widths typically used for canister or bucket wipe products. This machine is capable of increasing roll production capacity by unwinding, perforating, slitting, and rewinding (coreless) wipes rolls at a rate of up to 60 per minute. Unloading and conveyor options are available to assist in automatically transporting finished rolls to a canister (or bucket) stuffing and filling station in the manufacturing line.

Step 2: Consumer Roll Slitting and Perforating

74″ Non-Woven/Spunbond Turret Slitter Rewinder

This machine is one of the latest Pinnacle models built for materials such as medical foams and non-wovens. It is a 74″ Simplex Turret Slitter Rewinder that is designed and built for non-stop/high output production of consumer products such as wet and dry wipes. This machine has the capability to unwind from a 74” web width, 40” diameter master roll, score or shear slit the material in line, and rewind the material onto one of two rewind air shafts to a 20” diameter.

Step 2: Consumer Roll Slitting and Perforating

64″ Center Surface Slitter Rewinder

The machine shown is a 64″ Center Surface Slitter Rewinder and was designed to slit master rolls of medical nonwoven material to 1″ widths. Fully guarded and secured, this machine was built to slit rolls up to 16″ in diameter at 1200fpm. The lifting unwind and guarding around the slitting and rewind sections of the machine provide the safety you require for your operators.

Step 3: Canister and Bucket Packing

Stuffing, Filling, and Packing Equipment

Pinnacle has established connections with several key suppliers of wipes canister stuffing, filling, and packing equipment. These connections allow us to guide you in the right direction towards equipment you need to establish or expand your current wipes manufacturing line.

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