Festooners & Fan Folders Manufactured by Pinnacle Converting Equipment

Pinnacle Converting Equipment is uniquely capable of producing specialized equipment to meet a number of manufacturing needs, including festooner converting machinery. We work closely with each customer to determine their precise production needs, developing custom-tailored equipment that is an exact match for their production process. Find out whether our festooner machinery is right for your manufacturing needs by consulting with one of our engineers today!


What is a Festooner?

Continuous material festooners are able to fold continuous master rolls of woven or non-woven materials of varying widths. These materials are carefully folded into boxes or onto pallets for a more streamlined production process. A festooner is especially useful for production processes that require boxed elements and do not work with spooled unwinding. With a festooner, manufacturers are able to easily fold a large amount of product without tension or stretching, packaging them into smaller, more manageable boxes.

Who Uses Festooners?

While festooners make great additions to production lines across a broad variety of industries, food packaging manufacturers are the most prominent users of this specialized equipment. This is because festooners are particularly great for adding moisture pads to the bottom of packaging containers.

At Pinnacle Converting Equipment, we can customize your festooner machine to process materials as narrow or wide as your production line demands. Offering both manual and automatic configurations along with many available featuring and options, we are confident in our team’s ability to custom-engineer the best solution for your manufacturing needs.

Why Buy a Festooner from Pinnacle Converting Equipment?

Since 1995, Pinnacle Converting Equipment has proudly delivered the unparalleled commitment to quality and efficiency that manufacturing professionals deserve. By choosing our festooner equipment, you’ll enjoy:

  • Low Maintenance: Our machines are designed to endure, decreasing your repair and maintenance needs for a more productive manufacturing experience.
  • Complete Customization: We work closely with each client to develop the exact festooner that their production line needs.
  • Specialized Service: With years of experience, our converting equipment engineers offer the specialized solutions that manufacturers trust.

If you’re seeking a festooner to add to your production line equipment, contact Pinnacle Converting Equipment for a custom quote today!

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