Commonly Used Slitting Methods

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Below is a quick an easy table describing some of the characteristics and uses for more commonly used slitting methods. This table is a guideline and can differ depending on the different materials being cut. As always, we recommend that you conduct tests and research to know the best method for slitting your material.

Slitting Type:RazorScoreShearHot-Knife


easy to set up, inexpensivewidely used, easy to set up, versatilehigh accuracyseals edges to prevent fraying
Disadvantagelimited materialscreates a slight ridge on some materialsexpensive, harder to set upless accurate, expensive
Width Tolerance+/-.020″+/-.030″+/-.005″+/-.060″
Slit Width1/2″1/2″1/2″1/2″
Ideal Materialfilms, vinylsfabrics, non-wovens, laminates, paperheavy films, paper, most materialsfabrics that fray

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