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74 inch Sheeting Machine with Conveyor

Sheeting Machinery Built by Pinnacle

For the highest-quality, custom-manufactured sheeting machines, there’s no better converting equipment manufacturer to turn to than Pinnacle Converting Equipment. Our team creates custom solutions built to suit your precise production needs. Capable of working with multiple material types, our sheeting machines offer the ideal solution for production teams across many different industries.

If you’re seeking custom sheeting equipment designed to serve the unique needs of your production facility, look no further than Pinnacle. Call 704-350-3855 to start building your sheeting machine today!

Pinnacle Sheeting Equipment

86" Perforating Machine with Rewind

86″ Perforator Slitter Rewinder

This 86” EZ SHEETER Sheeting / Perforating Machine was designed to automatically sheet or perforate a programmed length of non-woven material utilizing a traveling score system.  This machine is capable of accepting material from a roll on the unwind stand and produce sheets of any length and width and is also capable of perforating the...

EZ Sheeting Machine

The simple, safe, and low maintenance design of the EZ Sheeting Machine allows you to stay productive in your sheeting process. The sturdy welded construction leaves a small footprint which maximizes the space you have in your production facility. Pinnacle's EZ Sheeter has many available options including... stacking exit conveyor casters for mobility tension controls...

Custom Sheeting Machine with Conveyor

The custom built-sheeting machine shown above is a highly accurate machine used to turn rolls of material into sheets. The model shown here also has an additional hole-punch and detect feature that can be modified by replacing the die. This model provides means to unwind one 6” wide, 300mm diameter master roll of material, punch...

Tabletop Sheeting Machine

Suited for small rolls of material, our tabletop sheeting machines are perfect for sheeting material using a small amount of space and one operator. The machine seen here was built specifically for material approximately 15 inches wide, can be easily set-up, and only requires one operator.

Manual Sheeting Machine

Manual Sheeting Machine

An excellent addition to any operation not in need of a full-time sheeting machine. The semi-manual sheeting machine shown here allows an operator to easily load a roll of material onto its unwind stand. The operator then pulls material through to the set length, triggering the material clamp, allowing the operator to manually cut the…

What are Sheeting Machines?

Sheeting is the process through which material is cut into specific lengths and widths. With a sheeting machine, large rolls of material are divided into smaller sheets for a variety of different needs. Some sheeting machines may only cut length or width while others can do both simultaneously. These machines are typically used in a sheet-fed manufacturing or packaging process.

At Pinnacle, our team designs sheeting equipment tailored specifically to the needs of your production process. Whether you’re processing paper, cardboard, foil, film, or fabric, our sheeting machines are capable of cutting through a variety of materials in many different thicknesses. Using the latest technology in web-handling, our sheeting and stacking machines provide unparalleled precision and accuracy while perforating or converting your materials.

Why Buy Sheeting Machines from Pinnacle?

For more than 25 years, Pinnacle has consistently delivered the long-lasting sheeting equipment that production professionals need to simplified, streamlined, efficient manufacturing processes. Customers have confidence in our team’s ability to produce equipment that is:

  • Easy to Maintain: Our sheeting machines feature unparalleled durability, requiring little maintenance to keep in proper working condition for many years.
  • Custom built: All of our machines are custom-built to suit the specific manufacturing needs of the professionals we serve.
  • Always Protected: Pinnacle is here to assist with any parts, service, or ongoing maintenance you may need to ensure a stress-free ownership experience.

Shop our sheeting machines online or contact our converting equipment sales team at 704-350-2593 to get started with Pinnacle today!

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