Custom Converting Equipment

Custom Converting Equipment

Purposefully Engineered to Meet Your Manufacturing Needs

No two production processes are quite the same. At Pinnacle Converting Equipment, we custom-tailor each of our converting machines to the precise production process for which they are intended. Listening carefully to our clients’ needs and specifications, we design and engineer the ideal converting solution based on roll size, materials, weights, and product.

Custom Converting Equipment We’ve Created

Automatic Turreted Rewind Machine

This machine has the ability to unwind rolls up to 50” diameter, slit and rewind up to 15” diameter on a cantilevered “TL” airshaft, and automatic roll doffing. This particular machine was made for floor underlayment for the construction industry.

72" Phantom Axis Turret

Simplex Turret Rewinder

This 72" Phantom Axis Turret Rewinder was built using customer specifications and achieving the function of continuously rewinding material while manual unloading of the finished roll is taking place. Machine Information and SpecsApplicationsFeaturesInquireApplications Material: HDPE, EPDM and similar Rewind: Speed:  50 fpm Roll Width: 72” max. Roll Diameter: 22” max. Roll Weight:  800 lbs max....

68in Wide Shaftless Unwind Stand

68″ Shaftless Unwind Stand

This Unwind Stand was built to replace a shafted unit with a smaller diameter and less weight capacity. Built for cleanroom use, this stand was designed to make loading large rolls of material easier for the operator. The shaftless design eliminates the need for shafting space and speeds up the roll changeover time. Demo Video...

150" Custom Bag Sealing and Sheeting Machine

154″ Bag Sealing Line

The line above is a 154" Wide Custom Bag Making Machine used to semi-automatically produce large bags used to ship liquids. This machine is designed to accept material from rolls on the unwind stands and produce bags of any length and width. An operator keypad allows for easy programming and repeat selections. Machine Information and...

Single Use Bag Manufacturing Line

This is a custom machine built to make 2D and 3D Bio-Reactor Bags. The machine utilized multiple unwinds to bring layers of material together, seal them to width, slit, and sheet the material in order to create bags used in the medical industry.  Two machine modes allow for the machine to be used to rewind...

Heat Sealing Station

150″ Heat Sealing Station

The Heat Sealing Station above was built in conjunction with a 100+" Sheeting Machine. This heat seal station can be integrated in-line with a current sheeting process or used as a stand alone unit for more manual applications. This unit was built to seal multiple PE materials together in order to create a strong seal...

Laser Sheeting Machine

Laser Sheeting Machine

The machine shown below is a brief preview of a custom built sheeting machine that was customized for sheeting and stacking material. Although not shown, after the laser cutting process achieves the set number of cuts, the stacks of material then travels on a conveyor towards the endpoint where an operator moves it to the...

Types of Custom Converting Equipment We Build

Pinnacle Converting builds a number of different converting machines ideal for a broad variety of production and manufacturing processes. We have experience building the following types of custom converting equipment:

Custom Slitter Rewinders

Relying on a number of slitting and cutting methods, we are the go-to experts in designing and building custom slitter rewinders to convert a wide range of materials.

Custom Sheeting Machines

Using the most advanced web-handling technology, our custom sheeting machines offer precision accuracy while perforating and converting materials into sheets.

Custom Unwind Equipment

Custom-built to handle a broad variety of diameters and weights, our custom unwind equipment offers an ideal solution for virtually any production process.

Custom Core Cutters

Our core cutting equipment is custom-designed to provide your converting operation with “clean edge” cores for all of your rolled materials.

If you’re seeking a custom converting equipment solution to streamline your production line, look no further than Pinnacle Converting. Connect with our team to start building your converting machine today!

Why Buy Custom Converting Equipment from Pinnacle?

At Pinnacle Converting, our team has provided the custom-tailored converting solutions that industry professionals have trusted for more than 25 years. We work closely with each client to deliver a purpose-driven product that satisfies their individual production needs. Our team can even combine multiple converting types to create unique solutions you won’t find anywhere else, such as a slitting machine that doubles as a core cutter. Whatever your converting equipment needs may be, trust our team to provide the personalized solutions you deserve.

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