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Core Cutting Machines Built by Pinnacle

The perfect core cutter or core cutting machine is essential to completing any manufacturing process. When looking for this ideal core cutter, Pinnacle Converting Equipment is the converting equipment manufacturer you need.

Our equipment manufacturing process ensures that all core cutters we produce meet the specific production needs of our clients through our deeply personalized design process. Capable of processing many different types of materials, our core cutting machines are ideal for use in a number of different industry settings and applications.

Achieve a simplified, streamlined, efficient manufacturing process by trusting Pinnacle with your core cutting machine needs. Call our sales team at 704-350-3855 or shop our core cutting equipment online today!

Score Blade Core Cutter

Score Blade Core Cutter (Model CC-R)

Model CC-R:

  • Crisp clean cuts
  • Easy core size change
  • Easy to operate
  • Cart for machine mobility

Ideal for low-cost, ease of use, and applications where crisp clean cuts are needed.

Variable Sized Round Blade Core Cutter

This core cutting machine is designed to accurately cut paperboard cores to length both safely and easily. This machine uses round blades that create cleaner cuts and an adjustable core stop provides the most accurate lengths.

The model pictured above is designed to cut 20” cores, but Pinnacle can manufacture a core cutting machine to you specific needs.

What are Core Cutting Machines?

Core cutting machines are critical for completing the converting process. These machines are designed to cut the cores around which sheets of material will be wound. Core cutting equipment can be either manual or automatic, and is typically used to cut paper cores in a variety of diameters and lengths ideal for converting master rolls of material to smaller rolls.

Our core cutters and core cutting machines are built to cut precise measurements to help minimize waste during the manufacturing process. Manufactured to the same quality standards that all of our converting equipment is measured against, our core cutting machines offer the perfect solution for production professionals in all industries.

Why Buy Core Cutting Machines from Pinnacle?

For more than 25 years, Pinnacle has provided the industry-leading core cutting equipment that production professionals need to achieve a simplified, streamlined, efficient manufacturing process. Our expert engineers ensure that each of our custom-designed core cutting machines is:

  • Easy to Maintain: Our core cutting machines are designed to the highest standard of quality to ensure superior durability and low maintenance requirements.
  • Thoughtfully Designed: Each of our core cutters and core cutting machines is personalized to meet the specific needs of the manufacturing professionals we serve.
  • Always Protected: We offer all of the parts, service, and maintenance you’ll need to keep your core cutting equipment in the best condition for years to come.

Allow our team to outfit your production line with the core cutting equipment it needs: Call 704-350-3855 to speak to our converting equipment team today!

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