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Battery Production Converting Equipment

With more focus on electric vehicle production, renewable resources, and energy efficiency, battery production has never been in higher demand. To keep up with battery production demand, manufacturing professionals need specialized converting equipment that helps streamline efficiency within their production line. Pinnacle Converting Equipment offers custom-engineered battery production converting machinery designed to your precise manufacturing specifications. Allow our team to help develop the battery production converting equipment that’s right for you!


Why Battery Production?

The need for batteries is soaring with global demand expected to increase from 185 GWh in 2020 to more than 2,000 GWh by 2030. As more companies begin to produce batteries, stronger competition will enter the space. This is why it’s critical for manufacturers to act now by ensuring they are equipped to handle increased demand with the most efficient production methods available.

If you’re a battery manufacturer seeking to streamline production processes, don’t hesitate to contact Pinnacle Converting Equipment to discuss your battery production converting equipment options!

Battery Production Requires Specialized Equipment

The battery production process requires several machines that each perform specific tasks. Each element of the battery requires precise conversions with sheeting, slitting, and rewinding all taking an active role in shaping the final product.

Pinnacle Converting Equipment custom-engineers machinery that satisfied many of the production requirements for battery manufacturing. Through our years of expertise and personalized approach, we are able to help ensure your battery production line follows the most precise, efficient process possible.

Cleanroom Tangential Shear Slitting Machine

Why Pinnacle for Your Battery Production Equipment Needs?

The quality of your equipment plays a direct role in creating the highest performing battery, which is why it’s important to have state-of-the-art machinery to ensure your end user receives the highest quality product. Pinnacle works carefully with each client to deliver the exact equipment needed to help streamline your production process. We have made several battery production machines that currently operate in manufacturing facilities across the United States. Allow our team to assist with your battery production needs by contacting us for a custom converting equipment quote today!

Battery Production Converting Equipment Manufactured by Pinnacle

Rubber Slitting Machine

55″ Slitter Rewinder

The machine shown was built to slit rubber gasket material utilizing low tension loops and score slitting. It was also designed to slit other materials in other operating modes.


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