Converting Equipment Parts, Service, and Machine Maintenance

Machine Service and Maintenance

Whether you have a Pinnacle machine or another converting machine, we can assist you with converting machine parts, service, and any other maintenance issues you may have. We proudly service Charlotte, NC and the eastern half of the US. We have experience in servicing all makes and models of converting machinery including Stanford, Arrow, REM, Atlas, Dusenbury, Appleton, Reliant Converting Equipment, and others.

Contact us for assistance in:

  • Routine Check-ups and Maintenance
  • Emergency Service
  • Diagnostics and Troubleshooting
  • Machine Set-up
  • PLC Upgrades and Programming
  • Parts
  • Machining Process improvements involving laminators, coaters, flat belt conveyors

Remote Maintenance

Pinnacle machines can be equipped with remote access points for our technicians to monitor machine production, conduct routine programming maintenance, programming changes, and programming upgrades.

Installing remote access…

  • Decreases travel costs
  • Decreases machine downtime
  • Accelerates routine check-ups and maintenance times
  • Allows for quick emergency service

Converting Machine Spare Parts and Components

We also supply spare parts for our machines, as well as, other converting machines. The list below suggests commonly used converting machine spare parts by category. We have partnerships with well respected parts and control manufacturers such as Nexen, Red Lion, Fife, Tidland, and Convertech.

  • Razor Blade Holders
  • Nickel Plated Razor Blade Holders
  • Light Duty Razor Blades
  • Standard Duty Razor Blades
  • Heavy Duty Razor Blades
  • Carpet Knives
  • Safety Razors
  • Standard 1/2 in. wide score blade assembly
  • Double Bladder (remote bladder)
  • Score blade (remote bladder)
  • Double Bladder (integrated bladder)
  • Score Blade (integrated bladder)
  • Score Blade Holder (3/8″ wide)
  • Score Blade (standard)
  • Score Blade (thin profile)
  • 22mm Blade Bearing
  • 22mm Blade Axle Pin
  • 22mm Blade (standard reground)
  • Quick-Disconnect Hose Assembly
  • Standard 1/2″ Wide Assembly
  • Heating Element
  • 4K Hinge Top Brake Facing Kit
  • 8K Hinge Top Brake Facing Kit
  • S-450 Brake Facing Kit
  • S-600 Brake Facing Kit
  • S-800 Brake Facing Kit
  • S-1000 Brake Facing Kit
  • S-450 Brake Repair Kit
  • S-600 Brake Repair Kit
  • S-800 Brake Repair Kit
  • S-1000 Brake Repair Kit
  • BW Clutch Repair Kit
  • F-450 Clutch Repair Kit
  • L-600 Clutch Repair Kit
  • M-800 Clutch Repair Kit
  • H-1000 Clutch Repair Kit
  • BW Clutch Facing Kit
  • F-450 Clutch Facing Kit
  • L-600 Clutch Facing Kit
  • M-800 Clutch Facing Kit
  • H-1000 Clutch Facing Kit
  • TC-14 Clutch Rotor
  • Caliper Assembly
  • Air Gauge
  • Air Regulator
  • Regulator Nut
  • 5 Way Air Selector Switch
  • 3 Way Air Selector Switch
  • Air Shaft Fill Gun
  • Rubber Gun Tip Nozzle
  • 1/8″ NPT Rotary Union
  • Dial Face Regulator (0-45 Psi)
  • ITV Electrical Pressure Regulator
  • Entire Standard 1000 System
  • Standard Sensor
  • Standard 1000 Actuator
  • Standard Linear Bearing for Rails
  • Standard 6″ Rail
  • Linear Rail “system” 280mm (11 in.)
  • 4.5 x 6 Sensor
  • Entire 4000 System
  • 4000 Actuator
  • Large Linear Bearing for Rails
  • Large 6″ Rail
  • BACO Emergency Stop Box
  • Banner Ultrasonic Sensor (short)
  • Banner Ultrasonic Sensor (long)
  • UHMW Core Stop Flange (1.25″ ID, 3″ OD)
  • UHMW Cradle Bearings (1.5″ 90 deg.)
  • Mechanical Core Chuck (1.5″ ID, 3″ OD)
  • UHMW Core Stop Flange (1.5″ ID, 3″ OD)
  • Spring for Mechanical Core Chuck
  • Roller for Mechanical Core Chuck
  • Plates for Mechanical Core Chuck
  • Spring for Spring Chuck
  • Locking Collar for Spring Chuck
  • Square Brushing for Spring Chuck
  • Cast Iron Brake Drum
  • Core Plugs

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