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Converting industry professionals seeking custom-tailored equipment to help streamline their manufacturing processes will find the slitter rewinder solutions they seek at Pinnacle Converting Equipment. Our team is committed to manufacturing slitter rewinders that professionals need to meet their precise production requirements. Designed to work with many different material types, our slitter rewinders are suitable for use in a number of industry settings.

When you’re looking for powerful converting equipment custom-designed to suit your exact production needs, turn to the team at Pinnacle. Call 704-350-3855 to speak to our slitter rewinder sales team today!

Slitter Rewinders by Winding Type

Center Winding

Center winding is a common method of rewinding materials that may have varying thickness across the width of the roll. The material passes through both a nip and anvil roll is slit utilizing an appropriate slitting method, and is rewound onto a core that is driven by the shafts they are placed on. This method of rewinding is common for materials such as tapes, films, foils, foams, woven materials, and materials that may be sensitive to compression and higher tension settings.

Turret Winding

Turret winding is is a variant of center winding that is designed to minimize machine downtime. This method of slitting utilizes multiple shafts and allows the machine to continue slitting on an active shaft while an operator or automatic mechanism unloads and resets the finished shaft. This method is designed to maximize throughput, minimize changeover time, and is commonly used for tapes, consumer goods, wipes, paper goods, and many other high volume products.

Surface Winding

Surface winding, otherwise known as drum surface winding is a method of rewinding materials commonly used for rolls of extensible and non-extensible material with large diameters. Common materials that are better suited for the Surface Rewinding method include non-wovens and paper.

Center Surface Winding

The center surface winding method of rewinding combines elements from traditional surface rewinding and center winding.  This method of rewinding is common in applications where materials such as non-wovens are slit to smaller widths. As the diameter of the slit rolls increase, the rewinding center shafts maintain tension, help to ensure contact with the drum, and help to ensure slit separation.

Slitter Rewinders by Slitting Type

Choosing the right slitting machine or slitter rewinder for your production line depends on a number of different factors, the most important of which is the slitting type. Different manufacturing processes require specific slitting types in order to achieve the desired result. At Pinnacle Converting Equipment, we offer a broad variety of custom-engineering slitter rewinders suitable for virtually any slitting type, including:

Hot Knife Slitting

Score Slitting

Ultrasonic Slitting

Shear Slitting

Razor Slitting

Featured Slitter Rewinders

What are Slitter Rewinders?

Slitter rewinders are specialized machines used to convert or slit a variety of different materials into narrower rolls. Master rolls are made to be as large as possible in order to be the most cost-effective, and are then slit to the required widths. From there, they are either rewound to the same diameter or reduced to a smaller size depending on their final use and industry served. Slitter rewinders can process a broad range of materials, including textiles, film, foam, PVC, rubber, tape, non-wovens, and laminations — to name a few.

Pinnacle prides itself of creating slitter rewinder equipment that is custom-tailored to the industry professionals we serve. Utilizing various slitting and cutting methods, we are experts in building slitters ideal for converting a wide range of materials. Our slitter rewinder equipment includes personalized machines built for all applications and budgets.

Why Buy Slitter Rewinders from Pinnacle?

Since 1995, Pinnacle has offered the custom-tailored solutions that industry professionals need to streamline their manufacturing processes. Through our personalized slitter rewinder manufacturing approach, we develop equipment that is:

  • Low Maintenance: Our slitter rewinders offer superior longevity, requiring little maintenance in order to preserve high-performance expectations.
  • Completely Custom: Each of our machines is custom-designed to serve the specific manufacturing needs of your production processes.
  • Continuously Protected: Pinnacle is here with all of the parts, service, and maintenance you need to keep your slitter rewinder working its best for years to come.

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