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Pinnacle Converting Equipment builds custom converting equipment designed to suit your precise specifications. Our converting machines are custom-crafted in our state-of-the-art Charlotte, NC facility. We build each piece of machinery to match the exact needs of your production facility, production line, and material and converting processes.

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Converting Equipment to Suit Every Need

Our converting equipment engineers build custom-tailored machinery to suit all converting types and projects:

By Industry

We have designed and built converting equipment for all sorts of industries, including healthcare, aerospace and defense, consumer goods, home construction, automotive, and renewable energy.

By Material

Our team can create converting equipment designed to process and convert many different materials, including vinyl, plastic, rubber, adhesives, non-wovens, foam, films, and foils.

By Converting Type

From slitter rewinders and sheeting machines to core cutting machines and unwind equipment, we’ve designed and built many different types of converting equipment for expert processing.

Why Buy Converting Equipment from Pinnacle?

For nearly 30 years, Pinnacle Converting Equipment has custom built world-class machinery that professionals across all industries trust. Our team is proud to provide each of our customers:

  • 100% Custom Solutions: Each of our converting equipment solutions is custom-built to our client’s precise specifications right here in the USA.
  • Expert Designers & Builders: With decades of industry experience under our belt, we are uniquely capable of meeting any converting equipment request.
  • Low Ownership Costs: Our machines are designed to last the long-term, requiring low maintenance and operational costs for affordable ownership.

Allow our team to build the custom converting equipment that’s right for your production needs: Request a converting equipment quote online or call 704-350-2593 to speak to our sales team today!

All Converting Equipment

Unwind – Rewind Roll to Roll Machine

This Unwind - Rewind machine is a roll to roll machine that reclaims woven polyester leader material used in the manufacture of rubber tires. Technical SpecificationsMaterial & IndustryTechnical Specifications Technical Specifications: Roll Width: 430mm Roll Diameter: 300mm Roll Weight: 100lbs Core Specification: 2” metal core ID / 4” OD Rewinding Speed: 300FPM Material & Industry...

VSR SHO III Super High Output

The VSR SHO III is a single turret, three spindle slitter rewinder that yields high output. The VSR SHO III integrates automation and robotics to increase output and reduce operation cost. Technical SpecificationsMachine FeaturesTechnical Specifications Roll Width: Unwind: 79" to 104" / Rewind: 10" to 100" Roll Diameter: Unwind: 51" / Rewind: 24" Roll Weight:...

Automatic Turreted Rewind Machine

This machine has the ability to unwind rolls up to 50” diameter, slit and rewind up to 15” diameter on a cantilevered “TL” airshaft, and automatic roll doffing. This particular machine was made for floor underlayment for the construction industry.

72" Phantom Axis Turret

Simplex Turret Rewinder

This 72" Phantom Axis Turret Rewinder was built using customer specifications and achieving the function of continuously rewinding material while manual unloading of the finished roll is taking place. Machine Information and SpecsApplicationsFeaturesInquireApplications Material: HDPE, EPDM and similar Rewind: Speed:  50 fpm Roll Width: 72” max. Roll Diameter: 22” max. Roll Weight:  800 lbs max....

24" FIlm Rewinding Module

18″ Narrow Web

This Custom Film Rewinding Doctoring Module is designed to rewind longer rolls of ferritic stainless steel to specified lengths and to align the edges with precision. The machine shown includes a splice station and an option to remove an interleaf layer of material wound inside the master roll of material. Machine Information and SpecsApplicationsFeaturesInquireApplications Material:...

62″ Duplex Turret Slitter Rewinder

The VTS machine features a dual turret rewind designed to keep run time to a maximum. This machine will continuously slit and rewind rolls of material to length, stop, cut and glue the ends of the material to their respective slit rolls. The design maximizes runtime and significantly minimizes the operators time in between core...

68in Wide Shaftless Unwind Stand

68″ Shaftless Unwind Stand

This Unwind Stand was built to replace a shafted unit with a smaller diameter and less weight capacity. Built for cleanroom use, this stand was designed to make loading large rolls of material easier for the operator. The shaftless design eliminates the need for shafting space and speeds up the roll changeover time. Demo Video...

55in VSPR Non-Woven Wipes Perforator Slitter Rewinder

Wet/Dry Wipes Slitting and Perforating Machine

Video The Versa-SPR (VSPR) is designed and built specifically for slitting and perforating non-wovens used in canister-filled wet (or dry) wipe applications. This machine is capable of unwinding, perforating, slitting, and rewinding (to specific count) a 50" wide roll of non-woven material at a speed of 400fpm. With a turret system consisting of 3 spindles,...

24 in Turret Slitter Rewinder

24” Simplex Turret Slitter Rewinder

The machine shown an adaptation of our standard CCSR Model Slitter Rewinder. This model provides means to unwind off one (1) 24” wide, 16” diameter master roll of material, score or razor slit to width inline, and rewind material onto one of two (2) 2” rewind shafts to a 4”maximum diameter. The turret feature gives...

220in Non-Woven Surface Slitter Rewinder

240″ (6m) Non-Woven Surface Slitter Rewinder

The Surface Rewinder shown is built specifically for slitting large rolls of non-wovens of up to 240" (6 meters) in width. Using a heavy duty unwind system, this slitter rewinder is capable of slitting and rewinding rolls weighing up to 3,500 lbs. with a 60" max dia. at 300 fpm. When the slitting process is...

74 in Simplex Turret Slitter Rewinder

74″ Turret Slitter Rewinder

This machine is one of the latest Pinnacle models built for materials such as medical foams and non-wovens. It is a 74" Simplex Turret Slitter Rewinder that is designed and built for non-stop/high output production of consumer products such as wet and dry wipes. This machine has the capability to unwind from a 74” web...

36″ Coated Aramid Slitter Rewinder

The line above is a 36″ wide custom slitting machine used to slit tough materials such as coated aramids. This machine is designed to accept material on roll of up to 300 lbs., unwind and slit through a series of blades. The material is wound onto cores placed onto (2) rewind shafts. An operator keypad...

86" Perforating Machine with Rewind

86″ Perforator Slitter Rewinder

This 86” EZ SHEETER Sheeting / Perforating Machine was designed to automatically sheet or perforate a programmed length of non-woven material utilizing a traveling score system.  This machine is capable of accepting material from a roll on the unwind stand and produce sheets of any length and width and is also capable of perforating the...

64″ Center Surface Slitter Rewinder

The machine shown is a 64" Center Surface Slitter Rewinder and was designed to slit master rolls of medical nonwoven material to 1" widths. Fully guarded and secured, this machine was built to slit rolls up to 16" in diameter at 1200fpm. The lifting unwind and guarding around the slitting and rewind sections of the...

150" Custom Bag Sealing and Sheeting Machine

154″ Bag Sealing Line

The line above is a 154" Wide Custom Bag Making Machine used to semi-automatically produce large bags used to ship liquids. This machine is designed to accept material from rolls on the unwind stands and produce bags of any length and width. An operator keypad allows for easy programming and repeat selections. Machine Information and...

Rubber Slitting Machine

55″ Slitter Rewinder

The machine shown was built to slit rubber gasket material utilizing low tension loops and score slitting. It was also designed to slit other materials in other operating modes. Machine Information and SpecsApplicationsFeaturesInquireApplications Web Width: 55" Unwind Roll Dia.: 30" Unwind Roll Max. Weight: 500 lbs. Rewind Roll Dia.: 16" Operator Requirement: 1 Speed: Up...

Single Use Bag Manufacturing Line

This is a custom machine built to make 2D and 3D Bio-Reactor Bags. The machine utilized multiple unwinds to bring layers of material together, seal them to width, slit, and sheet the material in order to create bags used in the medical industry.  Two machine modes allow for the machine to be used to rewind...

72 in. Cleanroom Razor Slitting Machine

72″ Slitter Rewinder

This machine is a modification of our standard CSRE Model Slitter Duplex Rewinder with the specifications to operate inside a cleanroom environment.  This razor slitter rewinder provides means to unwind from a 72” web width, 20” diameter master material roll, razor slit the material in line, and rewind the material onto two rewind air shafts...

Heavy Duty Unwind Stand

53″ Unwind Stand

This 53" Unwind Stand/Module is a customized piece designed to be integrated into a current manufacturing line. It was build to hold rolls of material with a maximum diameter of 56.0" and a weight of up to 2,500 lbs. The large multi-caliper pneumatic friction brake provided to induce web tension ranging from 1-3 PLI. To...

Duplex Turret Slitter Rewinder

35″ Turret Slitter Rewinder

The slitter rewinder shown is one of our standard machine offerings that was built to spec and is designed to achieve desired cycle times. This turret slitting machine is capable of slitting master rolls of self wound tapes, adhesive films and laminations with a diameter of up to 35″ in. to a minimum .5″ in...

74″ Surface Slitter Rewinder

The machine shown is a variation of our standard Surface Slitter Rewinder with additional features built to the customer's spec. With a dual unwind design, this piece of equipment was built to handle rolls of non-woven material up to 74" in width with a diameter of up to 60" and a total weight of 800...

Duplex Shear Slitting Machine

30″ Duplex Slitter Rewinder

This machine is a modification of our own VSR (Versa) design and was built to slit coated foils to small widths using the stacked shear slitting method. With speeds of up to 400 fpm, this machine is capable of slitting unwind rolls of up to 30" diameter into multiple rolls at 1" wide onto a...

Adhesive Tape Slitting Machine

74″ Tape Slitter

This slitter rewinder was designed to slit adhesive material on rolls of up to 74" wide. This user friendly design includes touch screen controls and a pivoting rewind shaft system that assists the operator in doffing slit rolls without having to lift shafts out of the shaft chucks. Built for speeds of up to 300...

Heat Sealing Station

150″ Heat Sealing Station

The Heat Sealing Station above was built in conjunction with a 100+" Sheeting Machine. This heat seal station can be integrated in-line with a current sheeting process or used as a stand alone unit for more manual applications. This unit was built to seal multiple PE materials together in order to create a strong seal...

Unwind Machines

During slitting, having control of the unwinding process can be just as important as having control of your rewinding process. The unwind modules shown here were built for a customer who was looking to upgrade and improve the unwinding segment of their current slitting process. These modules were built and integrated into current slitting lines...

48" EZ Rewinder

48″ EZ Rewinding Machine

This 48″ EZ Rewinding Machine was built to make rewinding straight tight rolls of material to specified lengths quick and easy. The machine’s cantilevered design and simple controls allows the operator to rewind material and doff material to length in a safe, organized, and repeatable fashion. Machine Information and SpecsApplicationsFeaturesInquireApplications Built to rewind: Various Materials...

60″ Slitter Rewinder

This VSR 60″ Shear Slitting Machine is a custom machine built to handle large rolls. The machine shown here slits material using the shear cutting technique, rewinds onto 12″ diameter cantilevered differential shafts, and unloads the slit rolls automatically to reduce operator handling. Built with the operator’s safety in mind, the pedestal control center can...

Cleanroom Tangential Shear Slitting Machine

Tangential Slitter Rewinder

The slitting machine shown is an example of one of our tangential stacked shear slitting machines. This machine was built for high-precision slitting and is capable of slitting various materials including thin film. This machine has two (2) cantilevered differential rewind air shafts to suit 3” ID plastic cores. The shaft slip torque is automatically...

EZ Sheeting Machine

The simple, safe, and low maintenance design of the EZ Sheeting Machine allows you to stay productive in your sheeting process. The sturdy welded construction leaves a small footprint which maximizes the space you have in your production facility. Pinnacle's EZ Sheeter has many available options including... stacking exit conveyor casters for mobility tension controls...

65″ Duplex Slitter Rewinder

The machine shown above is a Duplex Slitter Rewinder with capabilities to slit using both razor and score slitting techniques. This machine was built to spec with the operator in mind utilizing the customer’s needs and requirements. The backlit inspection surface is an addition that assists in detecting flaws or imperfections in the material. The...

62″ Duplex Slitter Rewinder

This Duplex Slitter Rewinder is a 62″ CSR Razor Slitter built with score and razor slitting capabilities.

Versa 3: Duplex Slitter Rewinder

The VERSA III Slitter Rewinder, or VSR III, is designed to be an operator-friendly machine that can withstand the rigors of day-to-day production. The design keeps the web path as short as possible to avoid any contaminants, scratching, or wrinkles that can be introduced to the web when traveling over numerous idler rollers. The VSR...

Wide Web Surface Slitter Rewinder

The machine seen here is a custom surface slitter rewinder built to handle large rolls. This machine was built with a heavy duty shaftless unwind stand, a walkover for blade and threading access, as well as, a score slitting package built for cutting 220″+ rolls into rolls of smaller widths. Our capabilities and past project experiences provide...

40 ” Surface Slitter Rewinder

This slitter rewinder was built to slit material using the surface rewinding method. This machine boasts a small footprint which makes it easy to relocate and stage on your manufacturing floor. Using only 10V power supply, this machine can cut material up to 200 fpm onto 3″ or 6″ cores. Machine Information and SpecsApplicationsFeaturesInquireApplications Material:...

Custom Sheeting Machine with Conveyor

The custom built-sheeting machine shown above is a highly accurate machine used to turn rolls of material into sheets. The model shown here also has an additional hole-punch and detect feature that can be modified by replacing the die. This model provides means to unwind one 6” wide, 300mm diameter master roll of material, punch...

Versa 18 Duplex Differential Slitter Rewinder

62″ Duplex Differential Slitter Rewinder

The slitter rewinder shown above is a smaller version of our own in-house slitting machine. This machine has the capability to cut various materials using razor, score, or shear blade slitting methods. It can also be fitted for hot-knife slitting. Video Machine Information and SpecsApplicationsFeaturesOptions/UpgradesInquireApplications Material: Various 30" Diameter Unwind 18" Diameter Duplex Rewind Width: 62"...

Coreless Rewinder Rebuild

Coreless Rewinder Rebuild and Retrofit

Before and after video of an older coreless rewinding machine that was rebuilt and refurbished with new controls, paint, and other updated features. Contact us for more information on rebuilding, refurbishing, or retrofitting older pieces of converting equipment contact us at 704-376-3855 or fill out our online form.

Ultrasonic Slitting Machine

Machine Information and SpecsApplicationsFeaturesInquireApplications Med.-High Usage Cutting Method: Ultrasonic Built to slit materials including: plastics, fabrics, films 36" to 96" models standard Slits with sealed edges Features 3" air rewind shafts 30" Diameter Unwind Roll - Larger capacity available 20" Diameter Rewind - Larger capacity available Easy and convenient controls Pneumatic tension brake Automatic tension control...

Duplex Razor Slitter Rewinder

74″ Razor Slitter Rewinder

This slitter rewinder is ideal for manufacturers working with films and foils. With a footprint of 6x10', the machine shown is capable of slitting a roll weighing up to 700 lbs. up to 600 fpm. Other details and specs are below. Machine Information and SpecsApplicationsFeaturesOptional FeaturesInquireApplications Material: Films 20" Diameter Unwind Roll - Larger capacity available...

74″ Hot Knife Slitting Machine

The HSRE is the simplest Hot Knife Slitting Machine that we offer. It is designed for roll sizes of up to 14" in diameter. Perfect for materials such as nylon and poly-cotton fabrics, this machine can hot knife slit rolls of material that requires a sealed edge to prevent fraying. More specs and details are...

50″ Slitter Rewinder

Machine Information and SpecsApplicationsFeaturesInquireApplications Width: 50″ Web Slitting Method: Razor Slitting Speed: 100 fpm Rewind Diameter: 12″ Unwind Diameter: 18″ Power: 110v Features Automatic Tension Control Automatic Edge Guide Automatic Length Counter Individual Razor Blade Holders Easy to Operate Controls Emergency Stops Casters for Mobility Nexen Pneumatic Brakes Built in the U.S. Inquire Contact us for info or pricing on this...

Laser Sheeting Machine

Laser Sheeting Machine

The machine shown below is a brief preview of a custom built sheeting machine that was customized for sheeting and stacking material. Although not shown, after the laser cutting process achieves the set number of cuts, the stacks of material then travels on a conveyor towards the endpoint where an operator moves it to the...


Foil Slitting Machine

The Foil Slitting Machine seen here was modeled off of our very own CCSR but designed and built specifically to unwind, slit, and rewind foils and films. Machine Information and SpecsApplicationsFeaturesInquireApplications Materials: Foils, Films Slitting Method: Shear Widths range from 24 and up" Speed Capacity: 600 FPM Power Supply: 110v, 230v Unwind Diameter: 24" Rewind Diameter: 14"...

Tabletop Sheeting Machine

Suited for small rolls of material, our tabletop sheeting machines are perfect for sheeting material using a small amount of space and one operator. The machine seen here was built specifically for material approximately 15 inches wide, can be easily set-up, and only requires one operator.

Manual Sheeting Machine

Manual Sheeting Machine

An excellent addition to any operation not in need of a full-time sheeting machine. The semi-manual sheeting machine shown here allows an operator to easily load a roll of material onto its unwind stand. The operator then pulls material through to the set length, triggering the material clamp, allowing the operator to manually cut the…

What is Converting Equipment?

Converting equipment is specialized machinery used in several industries to take continuous rolls of thin, flat materials and convert them into a final product. The flat materials (known as webs) are threaded through a processing machine (such as a slitter rewinder) where it is then converted (or cut) into smaller pieces as either an intermediate or final form. For instance, a slitter rewinder might be used by a paper manufacturer to convert a master roll of paper into standard 8.5” x 11” reams

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