53″ Unwind Stand

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This 53″ Unwind Stand/Module is a customized piece designed to be integrated into a current manufacturing line. It was build to hold rolls of material with a maximum diameter of 56.0″ and a weight of up to 2,500 lbs. The large multi-caliper pneumatic friction brake provided to induce web tension ranging from 1-3 PLI. To assist in controlling the material as it is being unwound into the line, this module was designed with a +/- 3.0″ Material Edge Guide and a Fore/Aft adjustment with small diameter hand wheel to skew material where necessary and minimize a material slack edge.

This machine is a modification of our standard CSRE Model Slitter Duplex Rewinder with the specifications to operate inside a cleanroom environment.  This razor slitter rewinder provides means to unwind from a 72” web width, 20” diameter master material roll, razor slit the material in line, and rewind the material onto two rewind air shafts to a 20” maximum roll diameter. This machine is designed to allow for easy operator control, easy loading and unloading, positioning with heavy duty locking casters, and simple blade setup.

Machine Information and Specs

  • Slitting Type(s): Razor
  • Speed: 150 fpm
  • Material: Various
  • Roll Width: 72″ unwind roll width
  • Max. Roll Weight: 500 lb. unwind rolls
  • Unwind Dia.: Up to 20″
  • Rewind Dia.: Up to 20
  • Powder coated Frame
  • Floor mounted on locking casters.
  • Pneumatic floor pick up system.
  • Magnetic particle brake provided to induce web tension.
  • +/-3.0″ edge guiding system
  • Fully guarded and secured.
  • Sturdy welded steel construction
  • Digital length counter with layon encoder.

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