Custom Equipment Case Study: The Schlitter

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Converting Equipment Designed with Your Production Line in Mind

Manufacturing production lines aren’t one-size-fits-all, so why should the converting equipment they rely on be any different? At Pinnacle Converting Equipment, our team specializes in designing unique manufacturing solutions that are custom-tailored to our clients’ individual production needs. We have experience combining all types of converting equipment in innovative and creative ways to help manufacturing professionals achieve the most streamlined, efficient production process possible.

Introducing the “Schlitter”: A Look at Our Custom Converting Capabilities

One of our most inventive converting creations to date, the “Schlitter” was developed purely out of our dedication to satisfying clients’ unique manufacturing needs. This particular client previously relied on different machinery to complete their production process: a slitter, a rewinder, and a sheeter.

Originally contacting us to replace their slitting machine, Pinnacle’s sales team guided them instead to our custom converting capabilities. Carefully listening to their needs, our team custom fabricated a machine that replaced three manufacturing assets with one piece of equipment: The Schlitter.

Versatile Production Capabilities

The Schlitter’s versatility allows it to complete the following production processes in one piece of converting equipment.

  • Slitting: Convert materials into master rolls
  • Sheeting: Easily divide large rolls of material into smaller sheets
  • Rewind: Wind processed sheets onto narrower rolls for further processing

Don’t compromise on your converting equipment needs: Contact our team to develop a custom solution for your manufacturing process today.

Explore Our Converting Equipment Options

Our custom converting equipment options span a broad variety of production capabilities, including:

Slitter Machines

Designed to work with many different material types, our slitter rewinders are suitable for virtually any industry setting.

Sheeting Machines

Automatically sheet or perforate lengths of material according to your unique manufacturing needs.

Core Cutting Machines

Easily cut core lengths from a broad variety of materials with our custom core cutting machinery capabilities.

Rewind/Unwind Machines

Our custom rewind/unwind machinery allows you to easily form rolls of material for a more streamlined production process.

Your Vision Is Our Mission

At Pinnacle, our sales team isn’t here to simply sell you a machine: We offer the turnkey, custom-tailored solutions that help make manufacturers’ production processes streamlined and efficient. Our team is invested in your production process needs, offering unparalleled flexibility and versatility to allow for increased throughput and profitability.

Allow our converting equipment engineers to bring your unique vision to life: Contact Pinnacle Converting Equipment to request a custom equipment quote today!

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