Rubber Slitting: Overcoming This Challenging Material

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Understanding the Challenges of Rubber Slitting

Many manufacturers of rubber products rely on rubber slitting in order to complete the manufacturing process. In this article, Pinnacle Converting discusses some of the challenges associated with the rubber slitting process. Specifically, we discuss:

With its incredible elasticity and super-stretchy properties, rubber is notorious in the converting industry as being one of the most difficult materials when it comes to the manufacturing process. But while rubber might be finnicky, this material is also quite durable and easy to maintain, which is why manufacturers are willing to overcome the challenges associated with manipulating rubber.

Some rubber products must be processed through a slitting machine in order to be finalized. Achieving a streamlined rubber slitting process can be a challenge for manufacturers who are unfamiliar with the unique properties that make this material so difficult. However, by taking the time to understand what makes rubber so challenging, manufacturers can calibrate their slitting machines accordingly so they can experience a hassle-free production line once more.

What Rubber Products are Made Through Slitting Machinery?

Rubber slitting machines are designed to cut very dense rubber sheeting. Typically, products made through the process are not consumer-facing, but rather are applied in industrial settings. Such rubber products include:

  • Gaskets: Thin rubber gasket material is slit through this process prior to die punching out the gaskets.
  • Crossings: Rubber-grade crossings are made from a thicker rubber and are typically seen at railroad crossings.
  • Floor Mats: Rubber floor mats are used to help individuals who stand in one place for long durations. They are also used at doorways to keep dirt and debris out of homes and offices.

With many of these rubber products having industrial applications, precision is of the highest importance. That’s why it’s critical for manufacturers to understand how to adjust their slitting equipment to compensate for the challenges that rubber materials present.

Why Is Rubber So Hard to Work With?

Rubber is thick and has a lot of elastic memory, which is one of the biggest reasons why it’s so difficult to work with. It may be pushed down and then spring back into shape, requiring manufacturers to approach the material with a precise amount of force in order to completely penetrate it.

Not only does rubber’s elasticity impact the force required to cut it, but it also affects the ability for manufacturers to achieve a clean cut. The blade profile has to be appropriate, or it could potentially leave an unacceptable bevel in the edge of the slit material. This bevel can cause serious problems for the production line, including increased material waste, lost profitability, and reduced productivity.

How to Overcome Rubber Slitting Challenges

In order to ensure an accurate cut, rubber slitting machinery must have a different blade profile. Standard slitting blades leave too much of a bevel on many rubber products, leading to the production line issues indicated above. Instead, a separate blade profile specifically designed for rubber slitting is essential to ensure the utmost precision throughout the production process.

At Pinnacle Converting Equipment, our team custom builds rubber slitting machinery to help manufacturers achieve the most precise, streamlined production line possible. Our rubber slitters are outfitted with the exact blade profile necessary for eliminating unacceptable bevels from rubber products. Allow our team to help maximize efficiency and precision for your rubber production line by contacting us for a rubber slitting machine quote today!

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